Competition Level

Recreational - 3 hours or less of instruction per week.
Competitive - 3 hours of more of instruction per week.

Age Division

We have many categories and age divisions beginning at age 4. Types of entries include solo, duet, trio, group (4 to 8 dancers), line (9 and over dancers), and production (16 and over dancers). Age groups are determined by the specific average age of the entrants, we do not count fractions. For example, if the average age is 8.7, drop the .7. Contestants will be responsible for proof of age to the director should the question arise.

Time Limits

Time limits for solos, duets, trios, groups and lines are 3 minutes. Time limits for productions are 8 minutes. Time limits will be strictly enforced. 1 point per second of excess time will be deducted from overtime acts.


Awards will be given as follows; each solo dancer, each member of a duet or trio will receive an individual trophy regardless of placement. Groups, lines, and productions will receive one trophy per act awarded to the studio and each participant will receive 1 ribbon.

We use an adjudicated scoring system as follows: High Gold 100-95, Gold 94-90, Silver 89-80, Bronze 79-70. Overall trophies will be awarded to the top two solos, duos, trios, groups, lines and productions for Petites ages 8 and under; Juniors ages 9,10,11, & 12; and Seniors ages 13 and over.

The Lightning Bolt Award will be awarded to the act with the most original choreography, for ages 12 and under and ages 13 and over. Both levels will receive a Trophy and a cash award of $100. The White Lightning Champion Award will be given to the act with the highest score of the day, for ages 12 and under and ages 13 and over. Both levels will receive a Trophy and a cash award of $100. The Lightning Strike Award will be given to the studio who contributes the most money. Largest contributor will receive a Trophy and a $100 cash award. Cash awards are given to the teachers.


A panel of three judges will judge the routines and the decisions of the judges are final. Teachers will receive score sheets at the end of the day. In case of a tie, score sheets will be returned to the judges for a final decision.

If we have less than 140 entries, we will have a one day competition. If we have more than 140 acts, we will have a two day competition.

Audio / Video

Music can be on CD. The CD should have the number, the name of the act, and teacher’s name on it. A backup is a good idea.

Video taping is absolutely forbidden! Failure to comply with this rule could result in disqualification. We reserve the right to take the tape if a video camera is found in the auditorium. We try to have a professional Videographer at all the competitions so you may purchase videos of the performances.

We do not accept entries by phone, entries without entry fees, or photogenic entries without photos. There will be a $25 service charge for all returned checks. After a check is returned, the studio may not be invited back next year. There will be no refund of fees.

New Rules - You must use our paperwork. You will be assigned a competition to attend (mostly this is for Lincolnton since White Lightning Talent has two competitions there.)

Absolutely no eating, smoking, or drinking in the building. No dancing except onstage. No signs taped to the walls. Failure to comply by the rules will result in being removed from the premise.

Mr & Mrs Talent America

Soloist is picked as semi-finalist during regional competitions to compete for Mr & Mrs Talent America at the White Lighting National Championships.

Age divisions are;

  • Petites Division (9 and under)
  • Juniors Division (10-12)
  • Teens Division (13-14)
  • Seniors Division (15 and over)

Teachers will receive detailed information concerning National Championships and Title competitions. Make sure that correct procedures are followed to enable the entrant to compete for the National titles.

Titlist must be enrolled and in good standing with the Studio they attended the competition with for the year of their reign. They maybe be asked to relinquish their title, Crown, and Sash if they leave their studio.

Dance Crew

The White Lightning Dance Crew will be selected from the regional competition to perform a routine choreographed especially for the National Championship final awards ceremony. Teachers will receive detailed information concerning The White Lightning Dance Crew. Make sure to follow correct procedures to enable dancers to perform.

All Fees are Non-refundable