About Us

White Lightning Talent Competition is celebrating our 16th season.

White Lightning is owned and directed by Jacie and Frank White, Jr. Jacie has taught all forms of the performing arts in Western North Carolina for 40 years. She performed and choreographed in community theater, and dance professionally for trade shows and worked as a dancer/choreographer in theme parks. Jacie joined Dance Masters of America in 1975 and was director of Fletcher School of Dance Marion Branch before opening her own school in 1988. Jacie and her husband Frank, worked in all aspects of the dance competition industry before beginning White Lightning Talent Competition in 1995. They are joined by their sons, Trey and Will to insure your students have a positive and inspiring experience during competition.

This competition is by invitation only from White Lightning Talent Competitions. Teachers known for their professionalism are considered. Teachers who complain to the judges, make derogatory remarks about other teachers, and find fault with the contest will not be invited back.